The ehealth.brussels initiative is a joint proposal from several economic stakeholders looking to accelerate the availability of technical solutions for patients and the health sector in the Brussels Capital Region, through support for innovation and entrepreneurship in e-health.

The partners involved in this initiative are committed to participating in the development of an environment favourable to the development of electronic sharing of health records, through the following actions in particular:

  • Developing ehealth.brussels jointly, so that a company wishing to develop their e-health project in the Brussels Capital Region can receive an overview of the tools and services available to them in order to complete their project, regardless of its maturity, through a single point of contact website;
  • Developing and promoting the Brussels Health Network as a secure tool enabling the sharing of health data concerning all patients treated in Brussels, connected to other Belgian sharing systems and, in the future, to international systems (thanks to the use of international standards). The Brussels Health Network is open to projects from the existing digital industry as well as from innovative startups;
  • Implementation of a joint governance for ehealth.brussels through a coordination platform entrusted with the following missions:
    1. to improve the information destined for the digital industry and innovative project developers;
    2. to regularly identify those e-health initiatives within their respective action plans which could be developed jointly so as to reinforce the impact and visibility of said initiatives.