Within the framework of the ehealth.brussels collaboration, Abrumet agrees to provide the Brussels Health Network, with a technological tool allowing all those involved in the health sector to sign in and share patients’ health data securely, and within the context of continuous care. This sharing applies, of course, to the entire Belgian territory, as it is part of the federal 2013-2018 e-health plan.
Abrumet promotes the creativity of entrepreneurs within the existing digital industry, as well as innovative startups, by offering them the technology to connect their innovation to the Brussels Health Network in the form of a Brussels digital safe. It is currently connected to all Belgian sharing systems, and in the future this will include international systems (thanks to the use of international standards). E-health innovations will thus be available to potential users, whether health professionals or patient users.

This initiative is of value, since the secure sharing of health records as part of continuous care can save lives.