Brusafe+ is a computer server that uses international standards. It is a kind of innovative safe, accessible to all, that enables electronic and secure sharing of health data. Initially created by health professionals, Abrumet is the non-profit organization behind Brussels Health Network and Brusafe+.

What is an e-health safe actually used for?
A safe allows all non-hospital health professionals who do not have a personal computer server to participate in e-health. Indeed, how could the health records of your general practitioner, nurse or other professional in 1st line of care be made available to other doctors who may take care of you if their computer is closed? Practically, health professionals record information from consultations in their medical software. Only information that is relevant for monitoring your health is shared on health networks. For example, a general practitioner will publish a summary of your health, which is called a SUMEHR in professional jargon.

In order to meet the Belgian and international e-health connection requirements, Abrumet opted for a hybrid technology system that combines the KMEHR language and the CDA.

Since the Brusafe+ project works for the benefit of the patient’s health while using innovative technologies, this project is aimed at two types of profiles:

  • On the one hand, the users i.e. health professionals in the 1st line of care such as nurses, physiotherapists and midwives … who will use the new e-health technologies as part of their work, or patients themselves who are playing an even greater role in monitoring their health.
  • On the other hand, the developers i.e. private companies and innovative startups, with ideas for e-health mobile application or software who want to connect to the existing e-health infrastructure

What is the real potential of Brusafe+?

As someone with an interest in e-health projects, you immediately connect with all the local players already present in the Belgian eHealth field without multiplying the contacts with each stakeholder. Save time and be more efficient!

No application is provided with this server, which allows third parties to develop their own applications / software on the basis of open source international standards. It is therefore possible to participate in Belgian e-health by publishing medical data in a completely secure way and by consulting the available data, while respecting the strict rules in force established by the management committee of the eHealth platform.

A whole series of non-profit organizations, institutions and startups have already developed their connector to Brusafe+. Save time and get inspired by their work, which is available in open source .

Technical Resources

A clear guide for developers allows them to create a connector that will link their IT solution to the Brusafe+ server. In addition, a platform is available to test their connectors from A to Z before production starts.


Should you require any technical information, please do not hesitate to contact Abrumet. We also advise startups to contact who can offer support to the projects.

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