Brussels Health Network

The Brussels Health Network is an electronic health data sharing network that links all Brussels and Belgian hospitals with non-hospital doctors. Thanks to this network, only the professionals who treat you have access to a global view of your health at any time and in secure mode, wherever you are cared for in Belgium. They can treat you better because they know your medical history. Find out all the information about this health network.

Abrumet is the non-profit organisation that manages this secure and electronic sharing of health data via the platform of Brussels Health Network. It was created in 2005 and brings together all the Brussels private, public and university hospitals with the Brussels associations of general medicine; the FAMGB and the BHAK.

While Abrumet understands the importance of electronic sharing for better patient health monitoring, it has also understood the importance of international standards in technology used beyond our borders. Being the capital of Europe, Brussels has an important role to play in ensuring better monitoring of the health of foreign nationals. This cross-border sharing is only possible when IT systems use international standards. Abrumet has therefore opted for a hybrid technology system that meets the Belgian and international requirements for e-health connections. Find out more about our Brusafe+ project, a Brussels safe that uses international standards.

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