As part of the development of the Brussels Health Network (BHN) to international standards, is launching a Connect2BHN, a call to fund and support companies to create a connection with patient’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) through this Network.

Connecting existing e-health solutions to the BHN will allow to send generated and/or collected data to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of the patient.

Aim of the Call

The call aims to :

  • Enable e-health solutions, developed by Brussels companies to be interoperable with all hospitals and independent healthcare provider
  • Enable e-health solutions, developed by Brussels companies to integrate and comply with IHE international standards. This will facilitate their expansion to other European regions.

How does it work?

You apply before March 31, by sending the application form by email. An independent jury will select the best application based on 4 criteria

  1. Adequacy of the application with the objectives of the “Connect2BHN” Call.
  2. Potential impact on the continuity of care for patients and citizens of Brussels
  3. Economic maturity of the project and technical feasibility
  4. Economic potential for value creation and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region
The selected projects will get
  • Access to the expertise of a project leader experienced,
  • Access to a developer’s expertise to code the API,
  • Visibility being resumed on the site
    The total amount of expertise financed will be equivalent to € 30,000/project.


  • Call Conditions (FR or NL)
  • Form for application (FR or NL)

Questions? Send an email to Camille or Christophe!

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